Vote for Church Avenue’s Next Murals!

This has been a very exciting month for Uncover Church Avenue.

We’ve had a great response from Brooklyn artists, both local and borough-wide, and have recieved very exciting and innovative design proposals. Now it’s your chance to vote and decide on the designs to appear on Church Avenue’s gates in Spring 2012. Pick one proposal for each of the five participating sites.

Visit the following stores to cast your vote:

99 Cent Goal (2010 Church Ave., off Ocean Ave.)
Andrew’s Coffee Shop (901 Church Ave., off Coney Island Ave.)
Bobby’s Department Store (1601 Church Ave., off E. 16th St.)
Brooklyn Public Library, Flatbush Branch (22 Linden Blvd., off Flatbush Ave.) 
Downtown Natural (1701 Church Ave., off E. 17th St.)
Flatbush Reformed Church (890 Flatbush Ave., off Church Ave.)
Flatbush Latin Grill (1902 Church Ave., off E. 19th St.)
Pawsitive Veterinary Clinic (1103 Church Ave., off Stratford Rd.)
Q-Train Deli (1825 Church Ave., off St. Paul’s Ct.)
                                                              Shayna’s Restaurant (907 Church Ave., off E. 10th St.)

Voting at Downtown Natural

If you are unable to vote in person, send in your vote via mail or email.

Pick up an Uncover Church Avenue brochure and help decide the look of your neighborhood!

P.S. All designs will be exhibited starting January 17th, 2012 at the upcoming Uncover Church Avenue show at the Flatbush Branch of the Brooklyn Public Library.




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